Child Development & Pedagogy (SET-16)

Child Development Multiple Choice questions

1. A teacher asks the questions in the class to:
a. keep students busy
b. maintain discipline
c. attract student’s attention
d. teach

2. You like teaching profession because:
a. it has less responsibility
b. you are interested in it
c. it is easy
d. it provide you more holidays

3. How the students should be motivated to get success in life ?
a. Selected study
b. Incidental study
c. Intensive study
d. Learning by recitation

4. In context of the habit of Absenteeism of student
a. The principal and parents should get worried
b. The officials of the schools should take action against them as per school’s discipline
c. The teachers should take it as a serious problem
d. They should be given less priority in the class room in relation to regular students

5. To whom the responsibility of organization of curricular activities should be stored with?
a. The principal
b. The teacher who is appointed for this work
c. The teachers who take interest in it
d. All the teachers

6. When the students try to solve the questions in some different way as taught by the teacher from prescribed books, then these students should be
a. Discouraged to consult some other books on the subject
b. Encouraged to consult some other books on the subject
c. Suggested to talk with their teacher after the period
d. Suggested to follow the class room notes in order to get good mark in the examination

7. The experienced teachers do not require the detailed lesson plan of a topic because:
a. They can teach in a good manner without its help
b. The number of curious students is very poor in the class
c. When they commit some mistake, they do not face any challenge from their students
d. They can equip themselves with brief outline as they gain specialization in it through experience

8. The problem of drop-out in which students leave their schooling in early years can be tackled in a better way through
a. Reduction of the weight of curriculum
b. Sympathy of teachers
c. Attractive environment of the school
d. Encouragement of the students

9. The ideal teacher
a. Teaches the whole curriculum
b. Helps his students in learning
c. Is a friend, philosopher and guide
d. Maintains good discipline

10. The aim of education should be
a. To develop vocational skills in the students
b. To develop social awareness in the students
c. To prepare the students for examination
d. To prepare the students for practical life


Answer :

  1. C
  2. B
  3. C
  4. C
  5. A
  6. B
  7. D
  8. D
  9. C
  10. D


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