Environmental Science (SET-1)

1. We have days and nights because of:
a. Earth’s rotation 
b. Earth’s revolution
c. Sun’s rotation
d. Sun’s revolution2. The tail of flying birds acts as rudder. By this statement we can understand that the tail acts as:
a. A part of the body which is beautiful
b. A part which wards off flies and mosquitoes
c. A part which guides the bird while flying
d. A part which helps the bird take off3. The combination of which of the following soils is best for plant growth
a. Clay, sand & gravel
b. Humus, clay & gravel
c. Sand, humus & gravel
d. Humus, sand & clay

4. Which of the following does not belong to the group formed by the other trees?
a. Mango
b. Coconut
c. Tamarind
d. Neem

5. In spring which of the following occurs?
a. The days are longer & nights are shorter
b. The nights are longer & days are shorter
c. Days and nights are of almost equal duration
d. None of the above

6. Which of the following plays an important role in the cause of rainfall
a. Evaporation
b. Condensation
c. Both evaporation & condensation
d. Filtration

7. A human body consists of ________ number of bones
a. 205
b. 206
c. 207
d. 208

8. Sanjay has a sugar cube in her mouth, in which part of his tongue, will the cube be sweetest?
a. Front
b. Middle
c. Rear
d. Sides

9. The mosquito repellent (coils, mats and liquids) that we generally use in our homes are:
a. Pesticides
b. Fertilizers
c. Sedatives
d. Insecticides

10. Cows have strong grinding teeth at the back of the mouth, but they cannot eat the flesh of the of other animals. This is because:
a. They do not need to eat the flesh
b. They don’t have strong grinding teeth at the front
c. They don’t have long sharp pointed teeth
d. They dislike eating flesh


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