General Science (SET-11) of 25 Questions


51. The folding of the leaf lobes of the Venus flag trap is a response to changing ?
A. Light pattern
B. Water pressure
C. Wind speed
D. Wind direction
Ans: B

52. One of most important foreign exchange earning herbs used in the treatment of several kinds of chronic dysentery is ?
A. Tulsi
B. Isabgol
C. Madhuca
D. Rauwoldia
Ans: B

53. Which one of the following is the most suitable plant for reclamation of alkaline soil ?
A. Eucalyptus
B. Pipal
C. Coconut
D. Kikar
Ans: C

54. The crop in which Bt Gene has been used for genetic transformation and which has given rise o a controversy in India is ?
A. Cotton
B. Wheat
C. Groundnut
D. Tomato
Ans: A

55. Children confined to closed dark rooms are most likely to suffer from ?
A. Goitre
B. Anaemia
C. Pallagra
D. Bone deformation
Ans: B

56. Fish and sea foods are very rich in ?
A. Magnesium
B. Iron
C. Calcium
D. Sodium
Ans: D

57. WIDAL test is required for the diagnosis of ?
A. Tuberculosis
B. Tenanus
C. Typhoid
D. Leprosy
Ans: C

58. Which one of the following is known as first line of defence for the body ?
B. antibodies
C. Skin
D. Nails
Ans: C

59. The yellow color of Yolk is due to the presence of ?
A. Livetin
B. Phosphate
C. Riboflavin
D. Vitellin
Ans; C

60. The slurry of biogas plant is an enriched manure as it is vary rich in oxygen …
A. Phosphorus and Potassium
B. Sulphur and Nitrogen
C. Zinc and Aluminum
D. Boron and Potash
Ans: B

61. The most economical process of increasing the nutritive value of foodgrains is ?
A. Germination
B. Milling
C. Parboiling
D. Pearling
Ans: B

62.GOUT, a metabolic disease occues due to the high level of ?
A. Uric acid in the blood
B. Urea in the blood
C. Sugar in the blood
D. Cholestrerol in the blood
Ans: A

63. Which one of the following is NOT correctly matched ?
A. Becquerel: Radioactivity
B. Alexander Fleming: Penicillin
C. Louis Pasteur: Blood group
D. William Harvey: Blood circulation
Ans: C

64. PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) is a technique to make copies of ?
A. DNA Using livin cells
B. DNA Without using living cells
C. RNA using living cells
D RNA without using living cells
Ans: A

65. The branch of science dealing with the improvement of human race is ?
A. Genealogy
B. Cloaning
C. Eugenics
D. Euphenics
Ans: C

66. The main pollination agent in the case of maze plant is ?
A. Bird
B. Insects
C. Rodent
D. Winds
Ans: D

67. Spiders and scrpions belongs to the same class of Antropods as are ?
A. Beetle and locusts
B. Crabs and Lobsters
C. Centipedes and Millipedes
D. Mites and Ticks
Ans: D

68. With reference to the plants, mucilage are ?
A. Glycoproteins
B. Polypeptides chains
C. Polysachhairides
D. Long chain fatty acids
Ans: A

69. Azolla used as a bio-fertilizer for rice cultivation has a symbolic relationship with ?
A. Azaotobacter
B. Azospirillum
C. Aulosira
D. Anabaena
Ans: D

70.Diatom are good indicator of:
A. Industrial pollution
B. Intense soil erosion
C. Sewae pollution
D. Soil Pollution
Ans: C

71. Which one of the following theories is most widely accepted for movement of water through plants ?
A. Capillarity
B. Cohesion tension
C. Imbibition
D. Root pressure.
Ans: D

72.Which one of the following organisms has a role in converting nitrates to free Nitrogen ?
A. Pseudomonas
B. Nitrosomonas
C. Ntrobacter
D. Rhizobium

73. The human body cowper’s gland is associated with ?
A. Circulatory system
B. Digestive system
C. Nervous system
D. Urino-genital system
Ans: D

74. Which type of light is effective for Photosynthesis to occur ?
A. Ultraviolet and blue
B. Blue and red
C. Green and Yellow
D. Blue and Green
Ans: B

75. Which one of the following enzymes can hydrolyze proteins in the stomach ?
A. Trypsin
B. Pepsin
C. Lipase
D. Amylase
Ans: B


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