General Science (SET-31)


General Science (SET-31)

1. The chief purpose if crop rotation is to check the loss of topsoil:
a. by water erosion
b. by wind erosion
c. by weathering
d. of its mineral content

2. Which of the following acts as a resistance against disease in the body?
a. Carbohydrates
b. Red corpuscles
c. Vitamins
d. White corpuscles

3. What is function of a dynamo?
a. To convert heat energy into light energy
b. To convert light energy into heat energy
c. To convert mechanical energy into electrical energy
d. To convert electrical energy into mechanical energy

4. The chief constituent of Gobar Gas is:
a. Ethane
b. Methane
c. Hydrogen
d. carbon dioxide

5. Who is credited with the development of polio vaccine?
a. Linus Pauling
b. Jonas Salk
c. Melvin Calvin
d. Selman Waksman

6. Which one of the following statements regarding sound is true?
a. It travels at its greatest speed in vacuum.
b. It produces transverse vibrations in the medium in which it travels.
c. Its source is always a vibrating material.
d. It cannot travel through liquids

7. The clear sky looks blue because of:
a. reflection of light
b. refraction of light
c. diffraction of light
d. dispersion of light

8. Which of the following in the human body is popularly called the ‘Adam’s Apple’?
a. Adrenal
b. Liver
c. Thyroid
d. Thymus

9. Which one of the following substances is obtained by the fractionation of human blood?
a. Antivenom serum
b. Gamma globulin
c. Polio vaccine
d. Diphtheria antitoxin

10. Of the blood groups A, B, AB and O, which one is transfused into a person whose blood group is A?
a. Group A only
b. Group B only
c. Group A and O
d. Group AB only



  1. D
  2. D
  3. C
  4. B
  5. B
  6. C
  7. D
  8. C
  9. B
  10. C



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