General Science (SET-34) | PSTET | CTET | 20 QUESTIONS


General Science (SET-34) | PSTET | CTET | 20 QUESTIONS

1. How can the spherical aberration of a human eye be corrected?
a. By using a cylindrical lens
b. By using a plano-convex lens
c. By using a thin lens
d. None of the above

2. An electric bell is placed inside a bell jar which is connected to a vacuum pump. When the bell jar is completely evacuated:
a. no sound can be heard
b. the loudness of the sound will remain unchanged
c. the loudness of the sound will increase
d. the loudness of the sound will decreas

3. Which of the following vitamins is stored in the liver?
a. Vitamin A
b. Vitamin C
c. Vitamin E
d. Vitamin K

4. Which of the following is needed by a person suffering from diabetes?
a. Antibiotics
b. Insulin
c. Penicillin
d. Streptomycin

5. An element common to all acids is:
a. Oxygen
b. Hydrogen
c. Sulphur
d. Chlorine

6. Which of the following statements relating to sound and light is true?
a. Light is a form of kinetic energy, whereas sound is a form of potential energy.
b. Light can be reflected but sound cannot be.
c. Light travels faster in air than sound does.
d. Sound travels in waves but light does not.

7. Friction can be reduced by changing over from:
a. sliding to rolling
b. rolling to sliding
c. potential energy to kinetic energy
d. dynamic to static

8. Which of the following is a physical change?
a. Oxidation
b. Reduction
c. Decomposition
d. Sublimation

9. Pressure cooker cooks rice faster because:
a. it always lets the steam escape
b. high pressure crushes the hard covering of rice grains
c. it does not let the heat energy escape easily
d. high pressure raises the boiling point of water

10. The isotopes of an element contain the same number of:
a. neutrons and protons
b. protons but different number of neutrons
c. neutrons and protons but different number of electrons
d. neutrons and electrons but different number if protons

11. The theory of inheritance of acquired characters was propounded by:
a. Charles Darwin
b. Gregor Mendel
c. J. B. Lamarck
d. Weismann

12. Which one of the following is not allied to Geophysical Sciences?
a. Hydrology
b. Meteorology
c. Palaeontology
d. Seismology

13. Brain of a normal human adult weighs about:
a. 1 lb
b. 2 lb
c. 3 lb
d. 4 lb

14. Photophobia is:
a. a disease caused by too much sunlight
b. abnormal intolerance of light
c. the adjustment of the eye for light
d. the ability to perceive light

15. Which one of the following elements is least likely to be found in commercial fertilizers?
a. Nitrogen
b. Phosphorus
c. Potassium
d. Silicon

16. Lime is sometimes applied to soil in order to:
a. increase the alkalinity of the soil
b. increase the acidity of the soil
c. restore nitrates to the soil
d. make the soil more porous

17. An element found in all organic compounds is:
a. Oxygen
b. Calcium
c. Nitrogen
d. Carbon

18. Most commonly used bleaching agent is:
a. Alcohol
b. carbon dioxide
c. chlorine
d. sodium chloride

19. In which season do we need more fast?
a. Rainy season
b. Spring
c. Winter
d. Summer

20. Which out of the following organs dies not eliminate waste products from the body?
a. Large intestine
b. Liver
c. Kidney
d. Skins

Answers :

  1. B
  2. A
  3. A
  4. B
  5. C
  6. C
  7. A
  8. D
  9. D
  10. B
  11. C
  12. C
  13. C
  14. B
  15. D
  16. A
  17. D
  18. C
  19. C
  20. A


General Science very important questions that might come in Punjab State Teacher Eligibility Text Exam (PSTET)

  1. loudness of the sound
  2. neutrons and protons
  3. sound
  4. potential energy
  5. kinetic energy


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