How to control anger


How to Control Anger – Can you control your anger? Have you tried to control your anger? if NO, we’ll give you some tips on how to control anger. Read this full article, you will easily understand the how to control anger in easy way.


Do you have a bad temper when something upsets you?. How do you handle it?.

You throw things,

punch walls,

you yell and scream,

say things that hurt people’s feelings

and once you calm down, you regret. However, your anger manifests the reality of your inability to handle situations calmly may be doing more damage than you realize. We all know somebody with a bad temper. How often do you hang out with them. Probably not that much. Gentlemen, I don’t want you to be that person and so today we’re going over some temper tips to control anger.”How to control anger”.

1) Learn to identify what situations or circumstances end up setting you high.

What makes you mad? Because until you don’t identify what situations really just take you to level high, you’re never going to control it. Once you identify that situation or circumstances that make you super pissed or upset or lose control, then you can try to not do. So try to identify the situation and by this you could able to control your anger

"Tips to control anger

It is a way to manage that escalation and that is practice relaxation techniques. Whether or not that’s deep breathing or saying something to yourself like

“it’s okay calm down”

” just think, hold on”

allowing yourself a little bit of time before you just react.

4)  Think before you speak – How to control anger

This is something hard because you think something but it just wants to come out but the issue is that once it’s out there in space, you can’t take it back. Words, a lot of times can hurt people much more deeply and intensely than physical violence. Like saying something horrible to somebody a lot of times is worse than getting punched in the face.


5) Have Some physical exercise – How to control anger

Get some physical exercise because exercise and physical exertion is amazing in terms of stress reduction.

Tips to control anger

6) Talk about issues as they arise

It’s better to talk about issues as they arise rather than just wait and watch. Adults, we can take time out. Time outs from things that are bothering us.

Tips to control anger

If there’s a situation or a person that’s upsetting us and that is causing us to get frustrated and angry. we need to take a timeout, remove ourselves from that person, that situation to give ourselves some breathing room.

7) Know when you need help.

It’s your self-care to know when you need help and ask for it. There are groups, anger management classes, therapists. If you’re having a tough time, handling and managing your anger or your emotions.

It might be time to go speak to somebody professional. Because a lot of times we don’t have the tools in order to help ourselves and talking to the people or our wives or girlfriends or boyfriends, whatever about issues, sometimes just doesn’t work out and you can’t get the constructive criticism feedback or tools that you’re going to need.

In order to manage your anger and emotions, therapy is a good thing. It happens to all of us but it’s no excuse to hurt people physically or emotionally and you don’t deserve to be hurt either.

So if you’re currently, in relationships or around people that have bad tempers, who can’t control it well, it might be time to reevaluate those relationships as well.

You can also share this article to those short-tempered persons you know, for their betterment.

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