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kashmir issue

So, finally being a 3-year citizen of Kashmir, I am going to share some knowledge about the history and present scenario of Kashmir.

Kashmir conflicts being the great headline of your newspaper 20 days a month or even more. So, the youth must have some questions in mind. Various questions like What basically the kashmir issue is?. What their people want?. What is the role of Pakistan in it? How loyal pakistan is to kashmir? What is the exact issue? What is the exact problem?

First of all, being a student of Kashmir from the last couple of years, i have felt some situations where i got totally confused about who is wrong and who is right.
There were my kashmiri friends who were saying ill about INDIA and there were my other friends who were just beating kashmiris over this. So, where is the problem? What exactly is the issue?

After consulting many historians and reading alot of content, I am going to explain the full story in brief which every indian ,kashmiri citizen should know.

What is the scenario at the time of partition?

Before partition, after getting independence from the British rule, there were about 565 small provinces which are mostly ruled by Muslim leaders but Jammu and Kashmir is the only province which was ruled by a Hindu leader. At that time, the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir () refused to merge with any of the two newly formed countries and he wanted to keep jammu and kashmir as a separate country and he did that.

How the kashmir issue arises?

Kashmir was an undisputed land till 1947. It neither belongs to India nor pakistan. The Maharaja ()rules the province of Jammu and kashmir. But soon after the partition in 1947, most of the muslims migrated to Pakistan while others remained in India. This gives rise to the new 2 independent countries. But soon after independence, Pakistan did some shameful act and tried to invade Kashmir.

But Maharaja could not offer the proper retaliation to the incoming pakistan attacks. So he decided to go for a help on a official note to India, which is termed as an instrument of accession. He wanted India to protect Kashmir from Pakistani Attack. India took this issue to the UN and this is where the kashmir issue was born.

After this, Kashmir was living free and peacefully and was happily living in the environment of Indian culture. But this thing doesn’t going down to Pakistan and they started ceasefire which resulted in the formation of another country, Bangladesh, a part of which is in India as West Bengal, as by geographical location, it is in the East of India.

But we are here to talk about the Kashmir issues. There are many wars fought between India and China and Pakistan but we are not here to talk about that. So let’s focus on our main issue.

Present scenario

As i am the student of kashmir(i wont mention my accurate information), I have felt some things which i am going to share with you.
Lets talk about the 2016 incident, in which the leader of some militant group, Burhan Wani, was killed in an encounter. Due to this incident, there was a complete shutdown for more than 6 months in kashmir.
Just imagine, a shutdown for more than 6 months!
All the colleges, campus, universities remained closed for that period of time. There was a huge loss to businessmen. The economy of the country was also affected during that period.

Which conditions tend to 6 months shutdown?

If i have to answer this question in a word, i would say “Youth”.Thats why they say youth is always the leader. Some persons say they get paid for stone pelting while some says it’s their patriotism. I can’t answer this too. While from reports according to the indian news channel, there is a supply of more than 100 crores rupees to the kashmir from pakistan to continue stone pelting against Indian soldiers.While some of my friends (kashmiri) says that they too do stone pelting but not for money.

If the supply of money from pakistan is a false news , then why would Mr.modi, The prime minister of India, took a huge step to change the currency-notes overnight. He also knew that this would decrease the nation’s economy but he had to go with this at that time due to increased stone pelting. My dear friend, this is what a strong leader do and yes he did it risking his upcoming elections and many other things.

At that time,i remembered ,i was in kashmir.When this happened, a bank was looted there in kashmir.This may be the step of militants to supply the valid notes of money.But this doesn’t work for much time.As a result of this incredible step,finally stone pelting was in control.

But at the time of stone pelting,Indian forces used to fire in the air.Indian forces used pellets guns also which badly ruined some of the lives.

What is azaadi(freedom) and of which azaadi they are talking about?

Every kid,youth in kashmir wants this very known thing “azaadi”.You can even ask anybody, what they want?.They would have their answers.But if you try to explore some things and ask which type of azaadi,from what thing they need azzadi,there will not be anyone to answer this.Yes,even now.

Some will say,they want azzadi from indian forces.But let me tell you one thing,the maharaja of jammu and kashmir had officialy asked for the employment of indian forces which is still framed.Isn’t it non-sense,you are blaming and shouting against that country which had helped you to rescued from danger when pakistan tried to invade.

Tell me one thing,who is pakistan to interfere with in Indian nation issues.Some will say,they are helping kashmiris voice to reach UN but my dear friend,dont forget its the same country which once had attemped to rule you.

Why militancy is increasing?

I have a very genuine answer to this. Suppose, in a family, there are 4 brothers and one of them died due to the political issues like stone pelting. Then who is responsible for his death. For an opposition party,(country), obviously its the ruling party(country) who is responsible for his death. So this would rage fire inside the three brothers which would then join militant groups and do illegal things against India. This process gets repeated and repeated over the years and now militancy has increased to another level.

But Indians should not be afraid of that as they are far better than those militant groups and that Pakistan country which is still supporting them.

This is an endless topic to discuss. I tried to cover every aspect in brief but still, if you want to know something which I have missed, you can simply comment down and we will have a quality discussion over that.

In the next article, we will talk about the killing of Kashmiri Pandits.


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