Teaching and learning is a journey from

a)Concrete to abstract

b)Simple to complex

c)Known to unknown

d)All the above


The method of teaching English adopted at present in school curriculum is

a)Formative Correlational  Approach

b)Functional Communicative Approach

c)Function Corrective Approach

d)Figurative Comprehensive Approach


FCA is in opposition to

a)Structural Approach

b)Comprehensive Approach

c)Translation and Grammar Method

d)Functional Approach


Communicative Language Teaching replaced basically …

a)Natural Language Processing

b)Structural Teaching

c)Situational Language Teaching

d)Motivational Teaching


Direct Method is also known as

a)Natural Method

b)Indirect Approach

c)Inductive Approach

d)All the above


Grammar-Translation Method stresses on




d)Listening skill


Grammar-Translation Method is basically used to teach


b)Foreign language

c)Rules of any language usage

d)Classical language 


The objective of Direct Method is

a)To increase power of comprehension

b)To increase communicative power

c)To develop a command over the target language

d)To develop personality


Grammar-Translation Method does not

a)Encourage learning through mother tongue

b)Give importance to grammar

c)Enhance a student’s communicative skill

d)Enable the student too use the language fluently


Traditional method goes against the

a)Prescriptive grammar


c)Pedagogic principles


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