Teaching aptitude Solved test for UGC PGT TGT BEd

Free online model paper TAT Teaching aptitude Test
1. 10 + 2 + 3 system of education was recommended by—
(A) Kothari Commission
(B) Mudaliar Commission
(C) Radhakrishnan Commission
(D) National Policy on Education (1986)
Ans. (A)
2. ………. refers to states within a person or animal that drive behaviour towards some goal.
(A) Competence
(B) Affiliation
(C) Motivation
(D) Self-actualisation
Ans. (C)
3. Psychologists who diagnose learning problems and try to remedy them are called …………… Psychologists.
(A) Social
(B) Community
(C) School
(D) Clinical
Ans. (C)
4. The concept of state of readiness in maturation is important in understanding development of behaviour because it teaches us that certain skills may be difficult or impossible to learn before a given—
(A) Level of teaching
(B) Intelligence level
(C) Socio-economic level
(D) Age level
Ans. (D)
5. A child with average potential intelligence but fertile environment will achieve—
(A) A better life
(B) An average life
(C) Nothing in life
(D) Everything in life
Ans. (A)
6. Siblings, parents and teachers are important source of ………. for the children.
(A) Motivation
(B) Information
(C) Opinions
(D) Attitudes
Ans. (A)
7. A good understanding of ……….. makes us know about ourselves better.
(A) Education
(B) Colours
(C) Social perception
(D) None of the rest
Ans. (A)
8. Good tests of a psychological nature bear the following features—
(A) Reliability
(B) Cheaper
(C) Guessing Power
(D) Rote learning
Ans. (A)
9. Mental Health is—
(A) Harmonious functioning of the total personality
(B) Symptoms of maladjustment
(C) Terrible excitement
(D) Throwing up temper-tantrums
Ans. (A)
10. During the ………….. children are faced with a problem of coping with school.
(A) Toddlerhood
(B) Pro-social period
(C) Preschool period
(D) Middle childhood
Ans. (C)



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