Teaching Aptitude for PSTET & CTET Exams

1. The best way to memorize is—
(A) Study for long time
(B) To understand the concept
(C) To read loudly
(D) To write the concept
Ans. (B)

2. Students like that teacher who—
(A) Has attractive personality
(B) Belongs to his/her caste
(C) Awards goods work liberally
(D) Has very good knowledge of his/her subject
Ans. (D)

3. With the development of technology, the role of teacher in future will be—
(A) To provide information
(B) To develop new text-books
(C) To guide students
(D) To use internet in teaching
Ans. (C)

4. To prepare students as good citizen, a teacher should—
(A) Maintain strict discipline
(B) Provide good leadership
(C) Be good orator
(D) Have good general knowledge
Ans. (B)

5. Students should be given home-work to—
(A) Study at home
(B) Check their progress by teachers
(C) Keep them busy
(D) develop habit of self-study
Ans. (D)

6. It is necessary for the development of school—
(A) Principal and teacher
(B) Students
(C) Good building
(D) Other facilities
Ans. (B)

7. If a student comes late in class, then you—
(A) Will ignore him
(B) Will not allow him to sit in class
(C) Will punish him
(D) Will allow him to sit silently
Ans. (D)

8. The purpose of National Education Policy is—
(A) Universalisation of primary education
(B) Vocationalisation of education
(C) To review the education
(D) To give equal opportunity of education to all
Ans. (C)

9. A teacher learns most by—
(A) His students
(B) His colleagues
(C) His Principal
(D) His experiences during training
Ans. (D)

10. On first day in a class you will—
(A) Start teaching from first chapter
(B) Take introduction of students and introduce yourself
(C) Explain the syllabus
(D) Explain the rules of school and your teaching way
Ans. (B)

11. The standard of education can be raised by—
(A) Appointing good teachers
(B) Providing physical facilities in schools
(C) Reforming examination system
(D) Providing computer in schools
Ans. (A)

12. The purpose of establishing Navodaya Schools is—
(A) To complete ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’ in rural areas
(B) To provide good education in rural areas
(C) Check wastage of education in rural areas
(D) To increase number of schools in rural areas
Ans. (B)

13. During teaching, a teacher gives example—
(A) To attract student’s attention
(B) To make lesson interesting
(C) To explain the lesson
(D) To continue the lesson for long time
Ans. (C)

14. If students are not taking interest in your teaching, then you will—
(A) Ignore them
(B) Leave the class
(C) Ask them to pay attention
(D) Change the teaching method
Ans. (D)

15. According to you, the aim of education should be—
(A) To provide knowledge
(B) To develop personality
(C) To make good ctizen
(D) To reform the society
Ans. (B)


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